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How It Works

Become the Rainmaker Your Business Needs, Starting Now

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Instead of waiting for things to change in your business, draw a line in the sand and unleash the rainmaker you always knew was inside of you.

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Before learning your new rain dance moves you need to surround yourself with by like-minded colleagues who are relentlessly determined to.

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Remember paint by numbers kits when you were a kid? That’s what our playbooks are like, only less messy and they make you money.

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While your competitors are busy with their low-level operator, fake it til they make it strategies you’ll be gaining profits and the industry recognition that comes with it.

Who It's For

Small Businesses…love us because we help them win more business and increase their internal marketing capabilities.

Agency Owners…love us because we help them scale their business and stay ahead of their competitors in the digital marketing and SEO scene.

Freelancers…love us because we help them offer a wider variety of services and put an end to their feast or famine cycle.

"Can’t say enough on how instrumental Rainmaker’s Bullets has been to the growth of our agency. Thanks for all you do, Matt!"
Derek Iwasiuk Inc.
"Getting advice from Matt LaClear results in me depositing more money in my bank account. The bullet on forum marketing is what put him on my radar."
Kudujuice Digital Marketing
Matt LaClear is a certifiable business development genius. Rainmaker Bullets teaches a golden approach to grow your business. It is the modern digital version of how to win friends and influence people.
Küco Media